Natural Doctrine Game Review

 Natural Doctrine Review

Natural Doctrine is already available for PS3, but it will be introduced in a PS4 format in September of this year.  Click Image for more info or to preorder.

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Natural Doctrine is a fantasy game that offers simulation and tactical strategy in one box. It was released in April of 2014 in Japan and will have an American release in September of 2014.

The premise of Natural Doctrine revolves around the idea of natural selection. This multi-platform game is available on Playstation, Xbox, and the PC.  The world of Natural Doctrine is based on an ongoing fight between various races and classes. These classes use magic and swords during battle to protect the home based of the city Feste. Feste is under continuous threat of destruction by nonhuman entities and humanoids.

The war continues to evolve as the substance Pluton becomes more scarce throughout the game. Battles are large-scale and feature turn-based scenarios against enemies on the battlefield.

The story revolves around human characters and non-human creatures that co-exist in an effort to maintain allies or become annihilated. The main protagonist, Jeff, is a guard soldier whose objective is to maintain resources for the entire human race. Goblins and other creatures can gain access during battle to gain control of cities and the limited resources found in these cities. Play can be done in single or multiplayer modes.

The multiplayer mode can be co-operative or against other players. One player can function as an ally and the other will be a creature or humanoid. Natural Doctrine Co-operative mode is featured online for remote playing as well. The gameplay uses tactical strategy and simulation that makes this RPG fantasy game unique in its class. A game over screen plays when a character dies. However, this means you’ll have to use the remaining players and may need to rearrange allies for your benefit.

Natural Doctrine also allows players in multiplayer mode to switch in later levels from ally to opponent. How is this unique? The game plays off of the constantly evolving fierce battle over the Pluton that can change allies in your group.

Time is dynamic and changes based on previous circumstances. Natural Doctrine also enables players to adjust their skill sets and combine combinations for battle tactics. It uses a similar method found in the popular Final Fantasy series. Positioning characters and linking allies together will be crucial to surviving this world and protecting the realm. Allies can be collected as the game progresses.

Give it a try today and experience the addictive energy of Natural Doctrine today!

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